Year end accounts

Not much to say about these, except, if you are a company, you have no choice but that have these prepared and submitted to Companies House 

Personal tax

Self assessment, personal capital gains calculations, rental income calculations etc

Business tax 

Your businesses Corporation tax returns, capital allowance calculations, losses 

VAT returns 

Completion of your return, VAT advice, VAT registrations and de-registrations 


Monthly or weekly, submissions to HMRC, pension submissions 


Done using Xero and Receipt Bank 


Year end tax planning 

One of the most important meetings you can have with your accountant. If you don't already then you should

Management accounts 

Year end accounts are out of date and irrelevant to any business decisions you need to make. Management accounts produce up to date, accurate information to should you are performing at this present time 

KPI analysis 

Key performance indicators are what drives your business forward. We assess and evaluate these to make sure you are doing everything right

Finance director consultancy

A finance director, without the salary. Full analysis and commentary on your business, the management accounts and future planning 

Business planning

As I say to all  my clients. A goal without a plan, is just a wish. Enough said.

Business growth workshops 

An extension to the above, done in groups over a series of sessions designed to achieve your goals

Cash flow forecasting

Future planning to ensure you are stable and proactive, rather than reactive

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