• Hayley Hill

What have we been up to during the COVID-19 pandemic...

Well, what a few weeks it is has been. We haven’t had much time to stop and reflect, so writing this, is therapeutic for me.

We are very thankful that our industry is one that hasn’t been hit too hard during this pandemic, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t affected though. Its been emotional for everyone and we are all adapting to this new normal. However, our focus is to remain positive and to transfer that positivity to our clients.

We have spent the majority of the last few weeks, contacting every single client, writing up action plans for them, assisting them to pivot their income, preparing cashflows to identify funding needs, translating the new business reliefs available and assisting them in applying for the relevant ones, including many furlough claims via the job retention scheme.

We have set up a Whatsapp support group for clients, are posting regular updates on social media and are sending out information via mail merges, with them aim to create a support system that is going to mean that they not only get through this, but that they come out of it in a strong position.

All of this has been so incredibly rewarding, but aside from that, absolutely necessary. We have a moral obligation to ensure that our clients are supported, now more then ever, and I am so sad to see many that are not getting that from their professional advisors.

I genuinely believe that having this time to stop and think, will mean that entrepreneurs can be creative again, processes can be looked at and improved, your brand can be renovated into what it was destined to be, we will all learn to appreciate the small things and not take things for granted again. I am excited to see how businesses emerge from this.


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